TERA Planning Ltd was established in 1974 to offer environmental and resource management consulting services to industry and government.

The firm focuses on three main areas of expertise:

  • The inventory and assessment of biological resources including soil, vegetatian, fish and wildlife;
  • Environmental impact assessments of land and water developments for government and corporate clients; and
  • The planning, design and implementation of environmental management plans and enhancement plans, including instream and riparian protection and enhancement.

amphibian survey bear survey bird nest survey

estuary survey1 estuary survey2 fish survey1

TERA's senior professionals are deeply committed to ecological sustainability, to ultimately integrate environmental principals in the establishment of resource development , land and community plans. At present, TERA has 5 staff biologists and technicians, and approximately 12 associate environmental experts, ranging in expertise from resource management to aquatic ecology. TERA Planning Ltd is part of TERA Environmental Consultants (B.C.) Ltd, with expertise in environmental impact assessments and management.

fish survey2 frog survey1 frog survey2 

golf course design steam enhancement1 stream enhancement2

All decisions for future development and the best environmental practices available are developed with our clients through project focus meetings and project management sessions.   This ensures that all projects achieve the best results and are implemented effectively and efficiently.

TERA's approach emphasizes public and stakeholder consultation through meetings, surveys and workshops. TERA has facilitated and conducted public consultation programs for major tidewater and linear facility proposals.

vegetation survey1 environmental monitoring vegetation survey2 

vegetation survey3 trail design wetland design

During the past 35 years, TERA has conducted over 500 projects and developed a number of innovative technologies as part of its environmental consulting practise. In particular, TERA has developed a number of rural and urban aquatic and terrestrial systems with sustainable ecological functionality.  These have increased the quality of life for both humans as well as sustained fauna and flora in an urban/rural context.


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