During the past 35 years, TERA and its principals have developed a keen sense for solutions which strike a balance between economic, environmental and community values.  The integration of these values and the ability to provide functioning systems with their own ecological sustainability have provided our clients with long term environmental solutions.  Highlights of our services include:

Tidewater Environmental Assessment and Management

TERA has conducted over 30 tidewater projects, which have ranged from port feasibility analysis of the B.C. coast to environmental impact assessments of cargo and cruise ship terminals.  These studies were conducted as part of multi-disciplinary teams of planners, engineers and archaeologists.  Within each of these studies, TERA has advised and assessed on the environmental and ecological disciplines and has provided innovative solutions to tidewater facility location and its footprint within that location.

Environmental impact assessments under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act or B.C. Environmental Assessment Act have recently been completed for a cruise ship terminal in Campbell River where TERA managed and coordinated an environmental impact statement as well as the environmental management plan for this facility.  TERA provided innovative compensation measures for the terminal to obtain all federal and provincial permits.  In addition, TERA developed an environmental management plan for both construction and operation of the terminal, which developed state-of-the-art environmental management components.

Community and Land Resource Developments

TERA has been involved in all phases of land developments from OCP planning to rezoning to final permitting.  TERA has worked for major land developers in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island, and has provided clients with environmental solutions for the protection of fish and wildlife habitat, stormwater management, and the integration of park and greenbelt buffers.

The environmental assessments of each of the developments also allowed the establishment of functioning urban ecological systems within the protection areas and, if available, the restoration of existing stream and riparian buffers to enhance these greenbelts.  TERA is committed to the provision of ecological functionality of urban habitat to integrate urban and rural living into an ecologically sustainable aquatic and terrestrial system.

Ecological Land Analysis

TERA has pioneered the application of ecological analysis to environmental assessments. This approach streamlines and facilitates environmental impact assessments, allowing the compilation of physical, biological, cultural and visual resource information. With the use of computers, this information can then be expressed in both mapped and database forms. This type of analysis has been successfully used on both site specific urban projects, as well as for larger regional master planning.  

Presentation Graphics

TERA specializes in the visual presentation of technical and scientific information, both mechanical and computer-aided. With the aid of computer graphics programs such as Corel Draw and Photo-Paint, TERA reduces technical, scientific principles to visual images. Simulation of vegetation growth over a multi-year plan, visual amenities or disturbances from various developments, as well as wildlife enhancement techniques can be visually presented with specific reference to a client's project.


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